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5' 10", 175 lbs, 16 1/2 neck
43 chest, 16 biceps
31 1/2 waist, 23 1/2 quads
16 calves

I am a 39 year old bodybuilder originally from New Jersey, now living on the sunny beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina for 10 years. I am also a first degree black belt in karate and following all that up, I am studying for ACE Personal Trainer Certification in Spring of 2001. My college background is graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 1982. Good career for a bodybuilder!  And if you ever catch any programs on the Discover Channel television show -- The FBI  Files or The New Detectives, you may see a familiar face.

My first competition was 6 years ago. I decided after receiving a great deal of encouragement from the local gym that I would give it a try. I figured I had read enough magazines, seen enough American Muscle shows, been doing it for awhile, so I had the basics down to accomplish this task. Doing the whole set up from diet, to posing, to music, etc. was very tiring but fun. This first contest put me at 6th. Not bad I guess!

After connecting with a local trainer in my area, I then started on a more serious road, still competing in the AAU league competitions held all over Virginia.  Each year strengthened my desire to continue in this field as was evident but my placing at each contest scoring me higher and higher! Eventually I was landing in first or second place with a few overall titles to add to my list. My last contest being in May and June 2000.

I have plans to take off the year of 2001 to put on some weight and size in the desire to compete at 195-198 for the 2002 and hopefully secure national qualification.

My workout is done 5 days a week. I usually change it daily or weekly. Seems to be the trick for muscle growth.  Keeping a journal is very important too! Saves time in the gym and gives your mind something to think about as you are writing out the next days routine. I keep my workouts done to about 90 minutes, between warm up, stretching, abs and then gone out the door. My cardio consists of my karate and as contests draw near, I get back into the Tae Bo classes -- really kicks butt!

I always try to encourage people to get involved in weight training, I help when I can, give my knowledge to those who ask, and have been known to set up routines for other people. This sport and I will be together for awhile I am sure.

I would highly recommend John for any first timers appearing in front of the camera. He is very easy to work with, calm and knows how to get some "killer" shots of the body.

Anybody with questions can e mail me and I will be glad to discuss anything you care too. Once I put on some size and weight, you will be seeing more photos of me here, done by John of course!

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