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Kevin Thomas

age 32 height 5 11
weight 230 off season
neck 17 1/2 chest 47
arms 17 1/2 waist 34
quads 27 calves 18

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My name is Kevin Thomas. I am a 32 year old male currently living in NJ who recently had the enjoyable opportunity to model for John Mitchell at a beautiful Connecticut park. John is a true photographic artist and professional who was very patient and encouraging during my shoot as my photographic experience has been rather limited. The experience was very fun and feel honored that John would want to include me on his website. I feel that the muscular male body is the epitome of male beauty and masculinity...and John captures it wonderfully on his site. While looking to famous bodybuilders for inspiration is always helpful, we should always judge our workout progress by our own personal yardstick. Yes maybe only a few have the ability and genetic gifts to become muscle gods but we all can strive to improve ourselves from year to year and become the personal best we can be. Before starting to work out I was the classic ectomorph at 5'11" and 145pounds which most would agree is rather on the skinny side. At my shoot with John I weighed 230lbs..(yes..granted...a bit more soft than I wanted to be for the shoot but nevertheless a whopping eighty five pound gain). This was done in the course of about six years working out. At 32 I know I will probably never be like the young huge bodybuilders on John's site, but feel very satisfied that I look better and get more looks at 32 than i did at 22. People should not look at bodybuilding and working out as rocket science nor be intimidated or reluctant to join a gym and start a personal transformation. Upon joining a gym I found that especially the big bodybuilders to be the first to come over and pat me on the back and offer words of encouragement. The hardest part is starting. When I asked John what should I put in my personal bio he suggested that perhaps I might want to talk a bit about my workout program and what I found worked best for me. Well here it goes, I am going to attempt to summarize as briefly as I can my own little two cents worth of advice...especially geared to ectomorphs and the hardgainers out there, which I considered myself genetically to be. Number one..don't overtrain..if you a hardgainer train no more than three times a week and no more than an hour at a time. Second, eat, eat and eat...and not just tuna fish and egg whites. In fact if you want to gain mass you will have to go through periods where you will not even think about maintaining a six pack and in fact become somewhat fat. when you lean up you will lose most of the fat and little of the muscle. This needs to be done successively over time. Staying on the same diet and calorie level continuously is not effective..since your body will adjust to it...with you gaining neither more mass nor getting more lean.

Thirdly, only do cardio when on leaning phase. The fourth point is the most important... PATIENCE...there is no way that you can go from pencil neck to musclehunk in a matter of months...even with outside help (wink wink). Building a body takes time. Set your goals in stages rather than expecting a masterpiece over night and thereby becoming discouraged and quitting. I hope these few points will be of some help to the hardgainers out there.
In closing I would like to share with my web readers a little information on myself and future plans. I am currently working towards a teaching degree. I have a certificate in history and would also like to add math and science. This summer I hope to go tour Europe for the first time. I am the youngest of four with an older brother and two older sisters. I also have two wonderful parents, both alive, who also reside in NJ. I consider myself mostly a quiet sort of person but with momentary wild streaks. Thanks for spending time to read my bio.

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