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Birthdate: March, 1985
Height: 6 3  Weight: 230

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I spent the majority of my early life in New Jersey. My inspiration into the fitness lifestyle began at a young age through the influence of my childhood heroes Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. My interest in martial arts flourished at a young age, and at this same time my hunger for knowledge on nutrition and dietary supplementation could not be satisfied. I was captivated by the complexity of achieving the most aesthetically pleasing physique possible. As I began high school with minimum weight training experience, I began training with one of top power lifters in the nation. At this time my intensity in the weight room began to progress and has continued to do so ever since. I was working harder than ever, and then came to the realization that this was something that would take a lot of knowledge, time, money, pain and dedication.

As I journeyed down the road of life I was faced with many obstacles and detours. As the oldest of eight I grew up fast, and was living even faster. Often times blinded by my youth making crazy decisions, it is fortunate that I am here today to even tell my story. I learned many lessons the hard way and have had to work for everything that I own. As I was struggling through the trenches of life I sunk to an all time low while simultaneously dealing with a life-threatening illness. Through this process I was constantly analyzing life; perplexed by the idea that so few people in this world are happy and how even fewer are living their dream. I have now spent over a decade studying and researching human behavior. With a concentration on the greatest thinkers, philosophers, generals, and leaders the world has ever known. This constant fascination left me with much clarity, enlightenment, and a commitment to the progression of mind, body and spirit.

Today I am an internationally recognized fitness icon. I have five certifications and have experience in all types of modeling. I stay in top shape year round and I am always ready to shoot. I have had the opportunity to work with: Muscle & Fitness, Cosmopolitan, Basic Workout Calendar, Exercise for Men, Dillards, Hallmark, runway, and numerous TV commercials. I am also a nationally published author and have begun the process of authoring a book.

I really enjoyed working with John. John is not only a professional who does great work, but he is very kind and hospitable as well. John took great care of me and the other models, and made the whole experience very pleasant. John always has awesome locations to shoot at, which really creates some incredible images. I would highly recommend John to anyone looking to get into the business or expand their portfolio.

If you would like to book Justin for a photo shoot, upcoming TV or film project, personal appearance, or training consultation email him at

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