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My name is Lukas Piekarski, I am a NYC-based artist (musician/singer/writer), I have been living in New York for about 2 1/2 years now and I pursue modeling as a supplementary form of income.

I was born in Poland, but my parents, sister and I left when I was 8 and I've spent most of my life in Melbourne, Australia. Australia is a very beautiful country but I always saw myself realizing my dreams in America. Every musician that I've been inspired by throughout my life has been American and the form of music which has been and continues to be instrumental in my personal mythology, the blues, is American.

I am a very creative person, and this gives me most joy and fulfillment in life. My primary creative expressions are through my guitar, my words and my voice, and I believe that creating is a truly spiritual experience which endows the creator with a vision of how things really are, through joy, freedom and peace.

I also have a profound love of the natural world, and I have always been very active in hiking, ski-touring, mountain-biking, and other outdoor activities. I believe greatly in meditation, and being surrounded by nature gives me a sense of serenity and allows access to unlimited abundance, energy and power.

My main focus in life is my music, developing and improving my art and succeeding in it, I'm very serious, driven, and focused on these points and have been working towards my goals for most of my life and will continue to do so until they are achieved.

Working with John Mitchell was a pleasant, professional and fun experience. I would recommend him to anybody desiring to start or expand their modeling portfolios.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about me.

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