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Birthdate: October, 1986
Height: 6   Weight: 170 to 180

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I was born and raised on a large cattle ranch near Ada, Oklahoma, which is where my heart still resides. As a young boy, I had a 4,000 acre back yard to roam at my leisure and did so quite often. The summer after my freshman year of high school, I began working for my father on the ranch, where I did most anything the “old timers” there could do. The thing I loved the most was working the cattle in the spring and fall, but most of my time was spent working on tractors and other equipment, building and fixing fences, or feeding hay to our 3,000 cows, calves, and bulls.

I played high school basketball up until my senior year when I enrolled concurrently in a few hours at the local college. Thinking back, I regret not playing but I realize that the future of an uneducated man looks bleak these days. With the little free time I had from not playing ball, I began lifting weights. I received my first weight bench as a Christmas gift and stayed up until midnight putting it together. From there, I began lifting religiously, sometimes even putting off getting together on weekends with the buds to get another workout in. After a solid year of lifting weights, I thought I was big, real big, but you have to remember, I was at a 2A school so it didn’t take much to impress the people around me.

I finally graduated high school and began my freshman year at East Central University in Ada. I remember my first day there, strutting into the gym, checking my weight (a whopping 155lbs) and heading into the weight room only to find that I was about the smallest guy in there. I had a lot of catching up to do. I had never been interested in proper techniques or workout programs. I thought I knew enough already to get me where I wanted to be, boy was I wrong! I was over training and not eating or sleeping enough. The weekend parties began catching up with me and I almost quit working out completely. I had a severe case of mono that October which knocked me out of the gym for about two months. I lost a total of 20lbs and was told not to workout hard for at least six months. After a complete recovery, I began doing my homework on different lifting routines and proper form and technique. I learned that I was doing a lot of things that were actually hindering my progress instead of helping.

I competed in Fitness and Sports Network’s natural bodybuilding competition in April of 07 and took first place. What a rush! A few months later I received a call from one of the judges at the competition who happened to have a model/talent agency in Oklahoma City. She wanted me to come up and shoot for a clothing catalog and a TV commercial for an auto dealership. I am new to the modeling industry and not yet as experienced as I would like to be, but I suppose that comes with time.

As far as education, I am in my third year at East Central and will be applying to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for PA school. If I am accepted, I will spend the next 3 years there acquiring my degree in surgery so when I graduate, I will be able to work for a cosmetic surgeon. So cross your fingers for me!

The shoot with John was awesome! He arranged all my travelling needs as soon as we knew for sure that I was coming. He contacted me at least once a week to see how my dieting and progression was coming along. On the way up to Connecticut, my flights got mixed up by the airline but John had sorted it all out for me before I even knew anything was wrong. Once I got to Connecticut, John was nice enough to meet me at the airport and help with my luggage, which was lost by the airline. Once we got back to John's home town, we went out on location and shot with the remainder of the evening sun, did some fantastic work, and went home to prepare for the next day's big shoot. The day of our scheduled shoot, John introduced me to two other models that would be working with us that day. I worked with a great group of guys that weekend which made my stay even more enjoyable. We pulled off an incredible shoot that produced some amazing photography. Not only did I work with a great photographer, I got the chance to work with a totally awesome friend. Thanks John.

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