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Birthdate: May, 1983
Height: 6 2   Weight: 198

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Fitness has been a part of my life since I was a small child. I have played competitive sports all of my life. I was blessed with athletic ability and loved all sports. I enjoyed Basketball, Baseball, and Track the most. When I reached ninth grade in high school, I started to really notice how exercise and lifting weights resulted in a boost in performance on the court and in the field. This was when my life in fitness had begun!

At around 17 I researched and wrote up all my training and preseason workouts. I had to get them approved by my coach. He agreed due to my guarantee that I would be bigger, stronger, and faster than everyone else! This was my first lesson and experience in developing an intense and well rounded training program. I put on nearly 15lbs of muscle over four and a half months! I continued these personalized programs all throughout my high school athletic career. I left high school at nearly 6’3” and 185 pounds.

In college I majored in Biomedical Sciences, Zoology, and Chemistry. Through what I learned in class, my personal research, and experience, I developed a very efficient training program! By my second year in college I gained enough muscle to weigh 220 pounds! I approached my programs with the intent to get into amateur bodybuilding, but didn’t like how forced the sport is. I was more focused on overall health and wellness.

I started modeling when I was around 22. This was when I learned the most about how my body looks through the lens. I was stuck in a rut with my training program. Right after I finished up college at the University of Oklahoma, I moved to the East coast. I quickly became a personal trainer and started to revamp my life and training! I really focused on my nutrition. I believe that what you put into your body is one of the most important aspects of training. I researched and critiqued my diet program and noticed massive differences. I gave everyone of my clients a personalized nutrition program that they were required to follow. I watched all of them transition and change with these programs (cardio and weight training five days a week).

Having to take my shirt off in front of the camera for modeling really made me think of the way I looked and how proportioned and balanced I was. This was when I started “sculpting” my physique. This was done to achieve an overall balance with my muscle mass. This was when I realized how extremely difficult localized muscle gain was! But with the challenge grew my desire to overcome them! And this is where I am now! I really enjoy all aspects of modeling and would love to take it as far as possible! Fitness and wellness is now, and will forever be a part of my everyday life!

I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with John in Connecticut. It was definitely a positive experience. I appreciated John putting me up and taking care of me and the other fitness models that came down! The shoot went very well, and I learned numerous things about specific poses that I will use for competitions and other shoots. We had a great dinner with the others and had a chance to catch a movie before I flew back out. I look forward to many other shoots with John Mitchell of BBpics!

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