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Birthdate: April, 1985
Height: 5 10   Weight: 180 to 185

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I was always a fairly athletic kid, but weight training never became part of my regimen until around the end of elementary school. This one time at the local YMCA, while just joking around with dumbbells etc. like most children, a trainer (BIG natural fella) approached me and asked if I would like to learn how to do (whatever the heck I was trying to do at the time lol) the “RIGHT” way. I hesitated, but then agreed not knowing that this was the start of something that would take over my life.

I started working out after that day with a friend on and off (went through many of those to date) and started taking it more seriously myself. When high school started I continued for a few months but then as most kids that age do with most things I gave it up. Continued through high-school and became what is known as a “skater boi” for a few years than gave that up too (still got all my tricks and do it on occasion). Than in my second last year of high school I had to participate in what is known as Co-Op (working for free basically lol). Sports and fitness was definitely still a huge part of my life so I decided to do my “Co-Op” at a very small local client based gym.

From there I learned a great deal of knowledge from a friend/trainer and continued to transform my body and expand my knowledge in every way possible. From those days on I have never stopped and love every day I get to continue learning my body and taking steps to reach a higher level.

Currently I am residing in Toronto, Ontario (yes its cold eh!) where I am working on my personal training business and personal website. As well I love traveling, competing, modeling and am just starting to get into acting as I love being the centre of attention and won’t quit until whatever I am part of or working on myself is next to perfect!

My Weekend With John from BBPICS

After only responding to e-mails and having a few conversations over the phone with John prior to our photo-shoot, I had a vague idea of who he was but I am always willing to shoot with an established photographer that can further my success in the fitness industry. On arrival I was a little low energy and John as always was in “full-throttle” mode and was ready to talk my ear off (which I wasn’t in the mood for lol). After getting through the initial day of preparation for the following days shoot I was starting to regain my energy and warm up to John as we had time to talk about each other’s careers and what the future holds. After shooting it was finally time to EAT some “real food” (not crap, but definitely not what my diet consisted of the past few months), basically a few days of consuming my usual daily caloric intake in one meal! HAHA After all of this occurred I believe John saw the real “Tyler”, a nonstop joker that loves to have fun and be spontaneous. I believe we got to know each other fairly well that weekend and we will remain in constant contact as he arranged for me to compete in a competition in April as well as a photo-shoot in the coming month. After working with John I realized he is unlike most photographers in the way that he actually gets to know the model he is working with and wants to help them reach whatever their goals may be.

Thanks John for being so great at what you do and I look forward to meeting up again soon.

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