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Birthdate: March, 1986
Height: 6   Weight: 180 to 232

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My name is Jake Hamaker; I am a drug free bodybuilder as well as a college student pursuing my dream of becoming a dentist. I was born in Eureka, California where I lived for some of my childhood and then moved to Yakima, Washington where I am currently located. I have only a small fraction of time under my belt competing and training when compared to most involve in the sport but I am just as passionate and devoted as the rest. I began working out in late July of 2005 where I trained at one of the local gyms here in Yakima. I had just recovered from a severe case of mono, losing 35 pounds in a very short amount of time and was looking for a healthy and effective way to gain back some lost weight. After about 4 months or so I had started to make some progress and I was soon approached by a trainer there at the gym asking if I had ever been interested in competitive bodybuilding. I had always thought about it but never thought it would be something I could get into.

After a few weeks I made the decision to go ahead and do a contest anyway. The trainer that had approached me previously sent me to Gold’s Gym on the other side of town to go train with a well-known bodybuilder, (who would soon win the largest regional contest in the U.S.) Matt Lowden. I learned very quickly that this was going to be no easy task. We trained every day until the point of exhaustion and then trained more. Before I knew it I was standing on stage in front of thousands of people posing with confidence I never thought I had. Now with over seven shows under my belt, including the Oregon State Championship Overall title, I decided to focus on fitness modeling as well as bodybuilding.

I recently had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in Santa Monica with John Mitchell of It was an incredible experience for me. The weather was phenomenal, and John did a great job capturing some of my best looks. Working with John was a pleasure and I look forward to shooting with BBpics again in the near future.

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