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Birthdate: September, 1979
Height: 6 3  Weight: 215

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Hi everyone, my name is Isaiah Burch and I am 27 years old currently residing in the Dayton, Ohio area. I own a small personal training/fitness consulting business and am also a pilot. These two areas are my passions in life and I truly feel blessed to work in the fields I love. Through many years of hard work and determination I have been able to achieve goals most would only dream. I find that when passion is your driving force anything is possible.

I discovered my passion for weight training when I was fifteen years old. I was a scrawny 140lbs standing 6’3”. Coming from a broken home I yearned for something that would add stability to my life. As I became more involved in weight training I soon realized no matter what was happening in my life around me I could always rely on the lifting. Weight lifting became my foundation for stability and taught me more life lessons than any counselor. As my training developed I learned life lessons in perseverance, determination, positive thinking, visualization, giving, and believing in myself. Where else can you get all this for free? Most people don’t realize body building encompasses more than just banging around some weights. To get the most out of every workout you must call upon not only your body but also your mind and spirit. By calling upon these three areas makes weight lifting very therapeutic and healing. Yes, it’s a Zen moment! Ha. Body building has grown into a personal form of meditation and I cannot imagine living life without it. Also, the things I have been taught over the years I am able to pass on to others to help better their lives.

One thing that really bothers me is the stereotype that body builders receive from judgmental people who feel we are on an ego trip, contributing only grunts and groans to society. From my experience most lifters are not in the gym busting their tail for the opinion of others. They are simply fulfilling personal goals, letting nothing stand in their way. Some of the nicest most sincere people I have met throughout my life have been fellow body builders. It has been one of my goals to change this opinion by allowing people to see weight lifters can be nice, giving people and yes also have a depth with personality!

Body building has opened up many doors of opportunity throughout the years. Just recently I had the pleasure of working with John Mitchell from He was doing a shoot and wanted to know if I would be interested in traveling to L.A. I jumped at such a great opportunity. This was my first actual photo shoot and I was a little apprehensive. Once I met John Mitchell my discomforts were eased as he is one the nicest most professional people I have ever met. He has an ability to make you feel calm no matter how new the situation. Also, the other models Mr. Mitchell introduced to me during the photo shoot were more than willing to help with advice and guidance. After leaving the shoot, not only did I take home valuable knowledge but I also left with new life long friends. My advice to any one thinking about working with John Mitchell, you will not be disappointed. A big thank you!

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