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Birthdate: June, 1982
Height: 5 9 1/2 Weight: 171

Who is Adrian?

The style that best characterizes Adrian's approach to competition can be summed up in one word: Predatorial. In his world, there is no excuse to lose, and it is this attitude that readily diffuses to those around him, inspiring the pursuit of their goals and dreams.

Adrian feels blessed to have to been guided by many great people in his constant quest for personal development. He feels especially grateful to Trevor Ryan, a master of Body sculpting and junior world body building champ, for his support and guidance, and to Matthew Veinot, his little brother, for his drive, power and pride. Last, but certainly not least, he is grateful to his exceptional group of clients and friends. Adrian counts himself lucky to be sporting a smile each day from sunrise to sunset. Their love, motivation, and support are never - ending and mean the world to him.

Adrian has studied the following subjects intensely: Personal training, life style coaching, nutrition, trainer training and human relationships. His true desire in life is to pass on his experience to others who want to live a life that grabs you by the heart and fills you with joy and excitement each day.

Favorite Way to Relax

Adrian loves sailing, and did it competitively for years. He grew up on the water and it's still his favorite place to be when he needs peace...nothing but the wind, sun, and the ocean.

His job is very physical and he works out hard, so in his down time he likes to relax and rest his body...watching movies or just hanging out. No matter how busy he is once a month, Adrian treats himself to a full body and stress specific massage, chiropractic adjustment, and an oxygenated steam bath.

About Adrian's Training

Adrian lifts for results not for his ego when he is working out. It's not time to socialize. He blocks out everyone and everything, all that exists is that next rep.

From aerobics to hardcore power - lifting Adrian does it all. A well-rounded body, mind and spirit require balance and variety. His activities are also diverse and he can be seen practicing ballet, yoga, functional training, sports specific, posing, GPP, k-box, body bar, even break dancing!

As far as weight training goes Adrian believes that if you train hard you should rest harder. Three days out of his week are spent training hard with a day of rest in between when he does cardio, abs and calves, on the "days off".

Favorite Training Tip

Focus as much as possible on whatever muscle you're working. Really squeeze and flex each rep like you're life depends on it. Do it for yourself, because you are worth it!

Adrian Nutritional Planning

Adrian has designed a program that works great for him, but suggests experimentation to discover what works best for you.

He usually eats the same foods each day to keep his body in top form. A slight tweaking here or there to satisfy his craving and enjoy the fruits that are in season is seen as okay but everything in moderation. Admittedly, Adrian is lactose intolerant but battles his tainted love affair with ice cream.

Adrian drinks at least 1 gallon of water each day and consumes 1-1.5 grams of protein per LEAN body mass. Typical ratios are 70% protein 30 carbohydrates, 10 % fats.

His supplementation is consistent and depended upon his needs and goals. Although he uses supplements, he will be the first to admit that nothing is better than real food.

A Typical Day

Meal One- a handful of oatmeal (steel cut) with one scoop of protein powder, animal pak multi-vitamins and EFA's

Meal two- grilled extra lean chicken breast and fresh broccoli

Meal three- protein shake and an apple or pear.

Meal four- three quarters a pound of lean ground turkey or Boiled haddock with salsa to taste and a medium sized yam.

Meal five- grilled extra lean chicken breast, fresh broccoli, and a protein shake

Meal six- Fresh albacore tuna, broccoli, half cup brown rice, and a second pack of animal pak multi-vitamins and EFA's

A Word From Adrian

My experience at the photo shoot with John was great and I highly recommend it. Like any good leader, John pushed our thoughts and limits, encouraging experimentation but also ensuring our comfort at all times.

His trip planning and shoot locations were superb and the shoot went off without a hitch; I almost think he could control the weather at times.

On the set, at the hardcore and exceptional Gym Warriors gym facility, I had the time of my life. Owner and Bodybuilder Paul Desimone was the biggest "nice guy" I have ever met. His flattering comments did so much to pump me up. We relaxed and chatted on diet, contest prep and posing in between shots. It made my day.

A HUGE thank you Paul for the use of your gym, your kind words, and most of all letting "the Animal" loose on your Gym. And thank you John for capturing on film an experience of a lifetime.

My preparation for the shoot was just short of 4 weeks; I started at a weight of 197, and melted myself down to 171 when I weighed in at Gym Warriors.

As a Master Personal trainer I am constantly asked when should I do my cardio and what should I eat, my first question is what your goals are. Mine where to be as shredded as I could without losing the muscle I worked so hard for.

Some tips I will offer without giving away my secrets are

1. Nutrient timing is KEY
2. When muscle preservation is your goal cardio and weight training are for two different things and are NOT to be mixed.
3. Strict discipline MUST be exercised at all times in regards to training and Nutrition.
4. Use a Heart rate monitor(chest strap)
5. Make best friends with your mirrors.
6. Drink plenty of water.
7. Get another set of un-biased eyes for guidance
8. Find more positive things about your body and your efforts each day, high spirits and a smile can be your best motivator. You can only grow on positive energy and you want to reek of it come the date of your shoot.
9. Test your body well in advance, what works for someone else may not work for you.
10. Supplements are what they are "supplements" real food is what a healthy mind and body needs.
11. Pose, pose, and pose!
12. Tan, tan, and tan!
13. Take a picture and get ready to blow your own mind. I know I did!

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