French Champion Bodybuilder
Fabrice Rinaldi

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Birthdate: January, 1971
Height: 5 6   Weight: 190 to 210
Neck: 16   Chest: 47 1/2   Arms: 17
Waist: 31 1/2   Quads: 26   Calves: 15 1/2

Q. How long have you been working out and when did you get started? Who was your inspiration in your earlier life to get into the gym?

A. I started to train in 1988 when I was 16. I have always had a passion for muscular bodies' plastic beauty, namely those of the comic strips of the super heroes. When I was younger, I saw Conan at the movies and that prompted me to train as soon as possible.

Q. Did you play sports in high school? Did you workout during your high school years? List the sports you played in high school.

A. I began to do sport when I was 5. I did judo, aïkido and played football before finding my way in bodybuilding. At school, I practiced all kinds of sports. I have always been gifted as I was the best of my high school in javelin throwing, in the 60 meters' running (= 116 yards), in long jump and handball.
When I started training I was still at the high and it was not easy to reconcile studies with this sport. Indeed, I trained after school and went back home late!

Q. Briefly describe your workout/diet regiment. What do you do during a typical week in the gym? Do you take supplements?

A. I train 5 times a week and often twice a day. Each muscle is exercised once a week but I happen to do it twice or work my abdominals several times a week.
My diet is rich in proteins from different sources: whey, fish, egg white, white meat. I eat vegetables, cereals such as oat flakes and different sources of carbohydrates. I have about 5 meals a days.
My training cycle can be described as following:
1st Day: the back
2nd Day: the chest and calves
3rd Day: the legs (quadriceps) and abdominals
4th Day: shoulders and biceps
5th Day: hamstrings, triceps and abdominals

I also take supplements: glutamine, whey protein, vitamins packs, minerals, trace elements, magnesium B6, fat burners.

Q. What are some of your outside interests/hobbies outside of the gym? Favorite foods, music, movies, TV, magazines?

A. When I do not train, I like going to the movies, strolling and discovering new spaces, traveling and meeting other mentalities. I love driving my bike; I am keen on custom motorcycles at the moment and dream of having a Harley Davidson and modifying it. I sometimes play squash and have tried water-skiing. I like all kinds of food, the Italian food of my ancestors, French food of course; I appreciate very much good wines. I love Japanese food and sushi. I like all kinds of music it all depends on the moment. When I train, I listen to Rage against the Machine as it stimulates me much. Otherwise, I listen to much American music, rhythm and blues, hard rock, rap, soul music. I am a fan of American cinema namely super heroes and strong feelings' movies.

Q. Where do you see yourself say in 5 years from now? Do you plan on doing any bodybuilding shows?

A. I strongly intend to take part in Muscle Mania in Miami in June 2006. I aim at breaking as much as possible into American modeling. I am ready to work hard and carrying on with my passion as much as for me as for the public. My wish is to live and work in the U.S., to go on with making the most of my potential and to be recognized for my work as a model, trainer, competitor or businessman.

Q. Have you worked with John Mitchell of before? How do you compare these photos from any previous photoshoots you may have had with him?

A. I have never worked with John Mitchell but we are in touch for several years. He supports me, believes in me and I am much grateful to him for that. John is very professional and what I really like is that he does everything to show his models in their best shapes. He does not just do as he likes but listens to his models' assessments which make a much beautiful and flattering result.

Q. How was the whole weekend photoshoot experience with John Mitchell? Would you recommend him to others trying to build a fitness/fashion modeling portfolio?

A. John is a wonderful guy and we get on very much. He knows the personality of each of his models and really does a good job.

Q. Lastly, how would you describe yourself as an individual? Why do you think you will succeed in this fitness modeling/bodybuilding business?

A. I can describe myself as an honest, a perfectionist, a passionate and a sometimes sensitive person. I think that my physique can reveal a different style in modeling. I am a professional through and through and I have always known that my place would be behind a lens or doing another job linked to my physique. I am a very motivated and passionate person who is not afraid of succeeding. I am prepared to that success and like to work hard. I love the U.S. and do not belong in France.

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