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I work out at least five times a week, and choose a regime for 6 to 8 weeks. I also choose a supplement regime for the same time period (6-8 wks) After that 6-8 week regime I change routines, and supplements (or take a break from supplements).

After three (6-8 wk regimes), I take a one to two week break from workouts. Workouts last approximately 1&1/2 hours to 2 hours max. I usually choose two muscle groups to work, and split legs into two workouts per week. I do not choose the normal "Back & Bicep" routine, but rather choose the opposing - "Back & Triceps". On the Theory that Back exercises incorporate the use of the Biceps. Just a different theory - try it sometime! I also combine shoulders with biceps, and Half Legs with Chest.

Currently I am on a program termed "Pyramid", This is where you gradually increase the max percentage during the first three to four sets, and taper back down on the last one to two sets, i.e. 70%,80%,100%,90%,80% or 70%,90%,100%,80%. Choose a weight that is approximately 70% of your maximum weight for that exercise, etc. I do approximately 10 to 12 reps on the less than 90%'s, and push 6-8 on the 100%'s. I also start at lower percentages on the initial exercise for that body part to avoid injury.

In combination workouts, I alternate exercises, for example: Start with Squats, five sets; then dumb-bell incline chest, four sets; followed by leg curls - four sets; then flat dumb-bell chest, five sets; Leg extensions, four sets; Decline chest dumb-bell, four sets; calf raises - (seated) five sets; cable cross chest (upper & lower) four sets each.

If this makes no sense to you - ask me - I'll try to help you understand. Diet is KEY! I have a very restricted diet, but include large amounts of cereals and grains for breakfast, a good high protein lunch and dinner, and supplement with one protein shake and one protein bar through the day. I choose Chicken and Fish more than Beef, and love beans! I eat plenty of Vegetables lightly steamed. Especially carrots, green beans & broccoli. I limit my intake of bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta. But do eat them on occasion. I also find myself eating snacks throughout the day.

Remember, the most important aspect about Weight training and diet is: You are an individual made up different from anyone else. What works for me, may not work for you. If it does, you are on your way to finding the combination that opens your body's ability to maximally produce the musculature you desire. Everyone has genetic dispositions which enable them to see results quicker or slower. Don't expect it over night. Make it a commitment for life! It takes a lot of work and dedication.

My life outside of workouts, I have a small ranch with five horses and two dogs. I love to Rodeo, and still Team Rope, and Ride Bulls & Broncos. Although I am 36 yrs old, I feel 25, and recover from minor injuries quickly. I spend a great deal of time with my horses, and throwing 80 lb hay bales for fun! I do enjoy traveling, to get away, and my professional life is now within the Property Management Field.

I am very busy, but will answer all e-mails. Not immediately, but will do the best I can. A life of fitness and Workouts will only improve your health and well being. It is one of the few "natural" highs available!

It was a pleasure to finally meet and be able to work with John last year. I will be doing another shoot with him in the Spring. Look for some awesome new shots of me as I have gotten bigger while still maintaining excellent definition. You will definitely see the difference in these new shots that John takes of me ! He plans on photographing me and his other clients while out west against some unique desert, city and country environs.

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