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age: 20
height: 5' 4"

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My name is Marisa and I live in Westchester, NY. I am attending The University at Albany where I have a major in Business Administration and a minor in Communications.

I had always expressed an interest in modeling, however I never really pursued it. I finally realized that opportunities were not going to just come into my life, I too would have to go after my dreams. I had planned on only going to watch the photo shoot to see what making a portfolio was really about. John suggested that I take a few shots to test it out and really get a true feel. I had never been photographed before, but it came very easily to me. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the pictures and I found it amazing how expressing myself through photography was so satisfying.

In the future I plan on expanding my portfolio with John. He offered me an incredible first time experience where I was in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. John is a great photographer who is truly dedicated and passionate about his job. This is evident with the quality and enthusiasm he puts into his work. Thanks again John!

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