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Birthdate: February, 1988
Height: 5 7   Weight: 155
Email: dog4u

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Hello, my name is Andre Bland. I was born February, 1988 in Hampton, VA. Since an early age, I've been actively keeping myself in shape. During my Pre-K years, I was involved in gymnastics. From elementary school to college I was heavily involved with wrestling. And in high school I ran cross country! And that's not even everything. Nonetheless, I always strived to do my best and keep myself in tip top shape fitness wise.
As a firm believer in God, I believe that I should keep my body as best as possible for I am representing His makings. And as I do this, I will draw people to me being the role model I am and be able to share my story with them and help to encourage others! But enough with all of that!
I started competitive bodybuilding in November of 2007 with NASF American Challenge Nationals! I was Runner-Up in the Young Men's Class. Eight months later I enter my second competition being the NASF ODU Open. I cleaned house! Ever since then I have been hooked in this fitness business!
Leading up to these competitions, I was going through a lot of drama with school, father issues, relationship stuff, and even college wrestling! And everything just seemed to being going all wrong in my life! But soon I began to really focus on God and seek what He wanted in my life! I know this sounds crazy, but this is how it all started!
The doors would close for school, wrestling, and everything else I was trying to pursue in my life but my bodybuilding was just taking off! With a mom being a former competitor and now an NASF Official, she really helped me to do things right!
In November of 2007 I won the NASF American Challenge Nationals and OCB Yorton Cup Nationals in the junior division back to back! From here I would network with competitors and I found out about an organization called FAME! It really caught my interest! I decided to compete on the FAME World Tour after check out more information about it on and seeing how welcomed all the competitors made me feel!
From there I went on and competed in a few more shows! And just recently, I won the FAME World Championships for Junior Bodybuilding. I also placed 2nd in the Advanced Fitness Model Division!
I know it all sounds crazy, but it all started from such humble beginnings! I'm 21 years old. I work for Parks and Recs and in the Public School system in Williamsburg, VA! I'm still working on things in my life trying to grow to be the best man I can possibly be! Hopefully in the near future I get signed to a company like Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, GripAd, BodyProud Nutrition, I don't know. Honestly, I don't know where my life is going to take me. All I can do is keep focused, remain in God's will, and be open for something big!
Andre Bland is now a WNSO Fitness Model Pro after placing 2nd in the Advanced Fitness Model Division and Winning the Junior Bodybuilding title at the FAME World Championships!
I would also like to add how much of a pleasure it was working with John in Connecticut! The shoot went very well. While switching locations across the shooting site, everything was kept on a professional level! Everything was clean and we did a number of great shots! I would also like to commend the photography! Many of the pictures were some of the best captured photos I've received from any photographer! He would help coach me through my posing and whatnot to help capture the best image. And the best part is that I know that the work is getting published! I would like to thank John for the hard work he put in to all of this!
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