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David Anderson

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Birthdate: May, 1989
Height: 5 10   Weight: 165
Email: daman52189
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Hey! My name is David Anderson and I grew up and still reside in Troy, New York. I was socially awkward and never liked meeting new people as a kid and only stayed in my comfort zone. Once High school started I soon found myself wanting to get stronger and bigger, after my first few sets of benching just the bar and the crazy burn and soreness I felt the the next day I knew I was hooked. Throughout my high school career I ran track and Field and played Football all while training in the school weight room every day before practice.
After graduating I enrolled in my local community college and wanted to do something different so I decided to change my training a little and run a half-marathon. That summer I did and had so much fun. I got ripped and had a lot of definition but lost a lot of mass so back to the gym working out with my good buddy Tom. In December of 2008 I decided that I absolutely had to do a bodybuilding competition before I turned 20 and I talked my bud into doing it as well. After 8 weeks of a long low carbohydrate diet I competed in the northern states super natural competition in buffalo, NY and placed 3rd in the teen division. It was an awesome experience and to be honest with you somewhat frightening but I accomplished my goal and hope to compete again both in a fitness model competition and another bodybuilding competition before the year is over.
I met John Mitchell through a fitness website and after talking to him for over an hour on the phone I could tell that he was very kind, caring and a legit photographer which was a nice change. We all know that most of the photographers and people in the industry are not looking for our best interest but John is very professional and my photo shoot was just fun, plain and simple.
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Email David: daman52189
David's Photographer: BBpics.Com
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