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Birthdate: March, 1963
Height: 5 8
Weight: 167

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A self-proclaimed Southern Country Boy, Robert Madden was raised in Louisiana as a gentleman with a strong set of values, which he continues to embrace. He lives his life with gratitude and graciousness and has followed his heart on his life's journey.

Loving the South but yearning to expand his horizons, Robert left college as a straight A student to create his own kind of Jack Kerouac experience. During his travels around the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, he nurtured his spiritual side and studied Buddhist, Sufi, Native American and New Age philosophies.

Robert crossed the country more than 10 years ago to settle in Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Always athletic and blessed with rugged good looks, Robert was approached to model for various fitness projects. This led to his participation as Vice President of marketing for an entertainment company. This was the beginning of many exciting projects for Robert. He founded and published a cutting edge art journal called PROVOCATEUR, where he worked with creative and daring photographers. One of those photographers encouraged Robert to put together a book project, which was published by Rizzoli titled Fun?Game. Using the many marketing skills he had acquired, Robert desired to focus his energies on the non-profit world. He was instrumental in not only producing a series of successful fundraising events, but also wrote training and fundraising policy and procedure for participants to use to create their own personalized plans.

Robert recently left his position with the non-profit company to explore his passion for health and fitness. From the age of 13 he has been heavily involved in bodybuilding, working out at the gym an average of five days a week…religiously. In his spare time Robert can be found studying history, philosophy, spiritual thought and archeology. He can be rather domestic, enjoying gardening, landscape design and Cajun cooking, but also loves to dance especially to his favorite Deep House DJ Frankie Knuckles. Robert's been collecting and exploring Electronica for over 16 years and has a deep love of music. His musical roots are in Jazz, Blues, Zydeco, Funk, P-Funk, Seventies Soul and Rhythm and Blues. "Shake a tail feather boys and girls. Life is all about joy and freedom."

I've been working with photographers since I was in my teens and I've met all kinds of characters. I've worked with some really great people and some that well...enough said. I've found a person's intention comes through in their presence and how they interact with others. My shoot with John Mitchell was the best location experience I've ever had. He is such a generous, gracious and respectful professional I felt comfortable right away. We had this great casual, friendly conversation before we started shooting. We talked about our lives and found things in common, but more importantly it gave us a chance to get a sense of one another and how best to work together. It was awesome! If you have the chance to do a shoot with this guy, don't pass it up....and his pics aren't bad either.

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