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Birthdate: April, 1984
Height: 6   Weight: 195
Email: calabrese.daniel

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My name is Daniel Calabrese I attended Stony Brook University in Long Island and obtained a BA in psychology and minor in Philosophy. I began personal training in college and continued ever since. I’ve been doing on the side for the last 6 years and exclusively for the last 3 years. I am ACE certified, USA power lifting certified, versed in kettlebell training, and I am also a certified Speed and performance coach. In my younger years I studied various martial arts but the ones that I’ve continued to practice and now teach on the side are kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu.
How I got into modeling was funny, my girlfriend found the name of a local photographer named Jimmy Murtaugh and I set up a test shoot. Jim was great and taught be the basics of the industry. It went well and through Jimmy I found John Mitchell. John was great to work with and gave tips on posing and angling for the camera. John was very relaxed and easy to shoot with and took my suggestions doing certain things I wanted to do.

My workout switches constantly right now I am doing a full body upper workout on day 1 using weighted bodyweight exercises and resistance bands –all sets 8-10 reps
Day 1-band chest fly super setted with band chest press to weighted pushups or dips
Band shoulder press to rear and then side delt raise
Band curl to band tricep extension
Band row to band pull down to band shrug to upright row
Band crunch for abs
I go through this circuit 2 or three times till I feel shot
Day 2-lower body all sets 8-12 reps
Leg extensions to leg curl and than one leg squat or leg press
Repeat three times in that order
Than do some standing calf raises- I alternate leg press with deadlift every week

Day 3- Recovery day take a weight vest and hike with hill sprints for 30-45 min in woods
Day4- Repeat Day 1 and I also practice mixed martial arts twice a week
When I’m not attacking the iron I love movies, all types. I love to be put in a different world and temporally forget any things that I’m thinking about at the time. Some of my favorites are 300, Green Mile, Running Scared, and City of Angels. If I’m not watching movies I love going hiking, finding a new place and exploring. Rock climbing and scuba diving are other interests I’ve been pursuing. I love being outside and finding new scenery.
As far as diet goes I’m a little weird, I can’t eat when I first wake up so I usually have some yogurt and fruit, and protein shake. Than in about 2 hours I have a big lung, sandwich multigrain bread, cheese, and lean meat. I continue to eat around every 2.5 to 3 hours. After dinner I try not to have anything to heavy, I don’t like to go to sleep starving or too full. I usually eat lots of multigrain pasta, meatballs, chicken soup, sandwiches, meat, and potatoes. My favorite dish is chicken parm with a side of rigatoni.  
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