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Height: 5 8  Weight: 168

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Ever since I was little I’ve had an effectuation with bodybuilding, I just didn’t know it. I remember watching cartoons being six years old with characters such as Superman, Batman, Hercules and more. Always thinking “When I get older I want to look like that.” Not even knowing how to get there, but I knew I would. Little did I know I was already being exposed to bodybuilding. My neighbor, Arman, had lifted weights around the house all the time. One day I remember asking “Why do you constantly lift those heavy weights.” He explained how it makes your muscles bigger, pop and bulge. I immediately thought of my superhero idols and wanted to get to work right away. To my disappointment I had to wait to the appropriate age to prevent injury. But trust me the day I turned 14 I was beginning my bodybuilding journey. I was around 15 when I really started learning and getting serious in the actual sport of bodybuilding. Starting to lift with my brother Dan on weeknights, then my neighbor Arman on weekends and now my best friend Nick on and off on weekends since we live further apart. I love every moment I’m in the gym, because when I’m in there and have my headphones jammin’, I’m in my own little world of perseverance and pain, and wouldn’t have it any other way.
Without a doubt bodybuilding has and is still impacting my life. Although, there have been other influences that have molded and are still molding me today. One of those influences being martial arts. I’ve been doing martial arts for about 10 years. It has impacted me in ways I will use for the rest of my life, Starting at the age of eight, I am a second degree black belt in Mixed Martial Arts and am looking forward to testing for my third degree soon.
The BBpics photoshoot was fantastic. It was early morning we got settled in and started right away. John was great at explaining the process, is very professional with his work and the way he runs his business. Not only did I get some great shots but I received a friendship as well. I’m looking forward to working with John again the near future.
Obviously none of what I do would be possible without a support system. My mom & dad, brother & sisters, and very close friends, Arman, Nick, and Lehman to name a few. Always pointing out even my smallest gains to keep me wanting more progress. Not only with bodybuilding, but also with just molding and shaping me into the person I am today. Thank you for your continued support and love.
The first week of August 2010 I had another photoshoot with BBpics. I'm going to be honest, going into the shoot I didn't expect him to top what he did in the first shoot. But to my surprise, he did. It went tremendously! The shots came out incredible. John definitely has a great understanding of what he is doing. With his camera angles and new backgrounds he made this shoot even better than the last. Striving for excellence on every shot. You can clearly see his professionalism and expertise through his work. John, still as kind and personable as ever made me feel comfortable in this shoot as well. I cannot stress this enough, if you are looking to jumpstart your fitness modeling career and build a portfolio contact John immediately! I'm looking forward to the third shoot with BBpics and am excited to see if he can top this one, knowing him it will.
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