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Birthdate: March, 1983
Height: 5 10  Weight: 168

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My name is Andonios Drougas, but I go by the name Adonis which is my modeling name. I moved out to California just to get a taste of the modeling life style, it did not work out to well. I now moved to Norwalk Connecticut so I’m closer to the city where the life of modeling had begun and was born. Where to begin about myself? I am a hardworking male who knows what he wants in his life. I believe I was born with many talents & abilities like working and taken professional modeling photos on camera. I have worked very hard to get where I am until the day I first started modeling. It all started when I was twenty one years of age. I had received a notice in the mail to become one of the students for Barbizon Modeling School. From then on I practiced my poses, my posture and the runway walk. Even though I'm only 5'10, I never was really happy with the way my body was. I knew that I could definitely work the camera like no other. Years went by and I still was dedicated in the gym more and more.
My teacher was so impressed with my hard work and dedication that when I had graduated, she made me an assistant to teacher, to teach other students what I had learned. In all actuality it's all about confidence. After I had taught for six months I moved on and began to hustle in New York to build up my modeling portfolio with different looks. The pictures certainly came out nice, but I still wanted to pursue other things. So I then started to go a commercial acting school called Weiss Barren for another six months, and learned how to do voiceovers. If anyone knew how hard I have worked and the hustling that I had to go through you'd probably think I was nuts. I than went to Disney world and was picked to be one of the male contestants to do runway for a fashion show called fashion rock now on VH1. I now have my own makeup artist and my own modeling and talent manager and not to mention my signature photographers.
I decided now to make a fan club page. So I want to thank everyone that believed in me and supported me. In May 2010 I was in a magazine called Ken Car fashion Magazine. Modeling fashion clothes from all different designers from all over the world. I'll keep adding more news about me to my page so stay tuned. I must say that for the year of 2010 I have taken my modeling to a whole new level. The only way of making this happen is to have people that believe in you in this Industry.
Yesterday for the first time a photographer that I linked up through with through another source captured my look his name is John from What I like about this guy is he takes his job very seriously when he shoots his camera and makes you feel very comfortable. He captures my look in every way you can imagine for a muscular body. He’s on time when sending you your pictures when the shoot is over. I love shooting with this guy and I think anyone who shoots with him would to. He challenges you when in front of the camera always coming up with new ideas to make the human body stand out.  My last shoot with John it was an all-day event and my God holding those dumb bells while posing on camera was a challenge. We started at around 10:00 AM and ended at 6:00 PM. Thank you John for pushing me harder than I ever posed on camera. More about me as a model, Drive and dedication is what you need to become a fitness and underwear print model.  This is just the beginning; my look will get better and better and more cut and chiseled as time goes by.  People will see my face around and I will be dedicated to be able to be on any type of magazine cover there is.  
So far I work for a company called UD America as an Elite Model and Promotional Model.  Signed with over five modeling agencies and two online magazines, over the east coast.  Modeling is a full time job for me and something that I would love to do for a very long period of time.  Not just modeling though, acting in action movies will be my next move. If there was one word to describe me it would be dedication.  I have been called “Show Time” because I know how to bring a show. Don’t be a stranger to anyone that might come across your path. I am a very friendly and great to work with!  All I ask is that you respect me and you will be a friend until the end, and have my respect as well. There you have it, that’s me and more to come.
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