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Birthdate: December, 1993
Height: 5 6 Weight: 155


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You are what you repeatedly do, if excellence is something you’re striving for it’s not an accident, it’s a habit. The first time I ever heard this quote was from number one fitness model Greg Plitt; ever since then it’s been what drives me. My interpretation of the quote is giving your all in every aspect of life whether it’s a part time job you could care less about, a class in high school that has no practical use, or whether it’s preparing for a bodybuilding competition or sporting event! When I was given the opportunity with John it was surreal I thought I was dreaming.
How I got into fitness:
Growing up in Ontario, Canada there is no shortage of fit people that’s for sure, however natural bodybuilders are in short supply. Throughout high school I was trying to find my passion, whether it was martial arts, swim team, academically; I was determined to find something I excelled in. The beginning of the summer of 2010 I remember going to the beach with my friend’s from high school, I was embarrassed of my shape especially since one of my friend’s had a body I envied, I was always intrigued with building muscle. Lucky for me my friend introduced me to weight lifting, and the rest is history. I fell in love with seeing my body progress and change, the thought of getting a pump gets me excited just thinking about it. I finally found something that was mine, something that actually complemented my short body instead of limit it. Attention from others is always a plus!
Bodybuilding and fitness has really changed the person I am to date. It has not only given me confidence but has taught me a lot about hard work and discipline. The world is designed to make things as easy as possible, which is why very few people are living a healthy active lifestyle; it requires work. Getting into bodybuilding was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m constantly setting and achieving new goals, the amount of motivation and drive I have on a consistent basis is exponential 
Workout and Nutrition:
My nutrition approach has changed a lot since I began bodybuilding to now. I am no longer a slave to the misinformation that the fitness industry is based upon. My diet currently involves fasting for the whole day followed by a 6 hour feeding window post workout. Despite what you may have heard there are more benefits to fasting then frequent feedings for digestion, weight loss, insulin sensitivity, and much more. I’m a big believer in tracking your macro nutrient intake so that changes can be made when needed, rather than a boring meal plan. My training varies a lot, I believe every training system and program has a time and place whether it’s a 5 day traditional split, a 3 day full body split, or any other. I currently have an upper, lower 4 day split from my coach, this allows for more frequency on each muscle and gives you the opportunity to work different rep ranges. (Strength and hypertrophy)
I strive to obtain fitness information from reputable resources such as Alan Aragon, Layne Norton, John Berardi, and my coach Jeff Alberts (3d muscle journey!). This September I will be attending Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. After that I will be transferring to the University of Guelph Humber for Kinesiology.
Working with John BBpics
As I mentioned I was extremely honored to be working with John, I had no idea what to except from the shoot having never worked with someone like John. John made traveling from Canada worth every dollar, his professionalism and education about the fitness industry was mind blowing. His encouragement as well as constructive criticism was very useful and I can’t wait to shoot with John again in the future!
Fitness Goals

I finished my first bodybuilding competition July 7th 2012 in Ancaster, Ontario. I also plan on competing in a few Muay Thai competitions, as well as powerlifting and strongman. I’m a very competitive individual, I strive to get better every day and always try something new! As far as fitness goes a long term goal is definitely get published and one day get a cover! 



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