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Birthdate: February, 1988
Height: 6 1 1/2 Weight: 216, Contest: 198, Offseason: 232
Neck: 17.5 Chest: 47.5 Arms: 19 Forearms: 15
Waist: 36 Quads: 26.5 to 27 Calves: 17.5 to 17.75

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My name is Leo Smith and I’m currently 25 years old. For now I work at my parents business Auto & Boat Detail and manage the high end motor coach and yacht detailing. As of right now I’m in the process of getting my NASM personal training certification so I can do what I love and help people with their fitness goals. I live in the Florida Keys on Big Pine Key which is 30 minutes from Key West.

When I was about five years old my family and I were currently living in Ohio for the summer on a nice farm house that needed painting. My father, who at the time was owner of a very successful painting business in Florida and was going to paint the house to stay for free for the Summer. Well in the process of pressure washing the house and prepping it for paint my father got electrocuted and fell 30 ft paralyzing him from the waist down for the rest of his life. 15 years later my father now works everyday and runs our business to the tee. The only thing he cannot do is walk yet that doesn’t stop him from doing whatever it is that needs to be done. I honestly can say that his drive and determination is the fuel for me in the gym and for my drive for success. His unwilling to quit is a big part of what keeps me going because no matter what happens in life things can always be worse so sometimes you have to look past the things that you think are hard and just keep moving. My parents have always had me in sports but never pressured me in things that I really didn’t want to do. All of this has made me who I am today and has showed me the hard times and how you can prevail from anything as long as you want it bad enough.

I’ve been working out for about 8 years now and I’d say the last three to four years have been pretty serious with gains and bodybuilding but didn’t know how to diet correctly. Big Pine Key is a small town and everyone knows just about everyone especially at my gym. The gym I train at is called Big Pine Fitness so you can imagine there’s just a hand full of people who train there and most everyone there are friends so anyone new will get noticed quick. So about nine months ago I walked into the gym and noticed some new people I’ve never seen before. I wouldn’t think much of it except that looked to be training the other was an absolute monster! So I go on throughout my workout glancing over every now and then to see what they were doing till finally building up the courage to talk to this guy that was training a client. By the way I NEVER do this sort of thing so it was new to me. The trainers name was Brian Isley and from that point on that dude changed my life. Brian is from North Carolina and the client he had been training in my gym had flown him down to cook and train them so in the back of my head I’m thinking he must really know his stuff if they flew him down for only a week. I ended up traded numbers and emails with him and purchasing a diet plan and training plan which was a part of his Acceleration DTS Nutrition and Training. I told him I was considering competition but in all honesty I didn’t know what I wanted to do. After eight months of totally changing the way I workout and diet the next thing I knew I was standing on stage in my first competition in the men’s open light heavyweight class accepting a 3rd place trophy. Throughout the whole entire diet my girlfriend (soon to be wife) supported me through the whole thing. She basically cooked all my meals and made sure they were prepped, weighed, and ready to eat on time. She even put up with me throughout the 10 week prep which if anyone knows anything about prep the person prepping isn’t the nicest person. I could honestly say that I would have never gotten as far as I did without her.

After my show I started my reverse diet to help keep myself in shape and looking good. I had been talking to my girlfriend and kicking the idea around about getting into fitness modeling or bodybuilding modeling. So I noticed this Instagram page called not really knowing what it was and started following it. Next thing I know I get an Instagram notification of a comment on a picture of mine from asking me if I was interested in fitness modeling. Before my show I did a photo shoot and I came out pretty good but this gentleman who had came in contact with me was a 23 year professional with very good credentials. This man’s name is John of and without seeing his work you would be convinced he knows what he’s talking about by the way he presents himself. He’s very straight forward and you can tell he’s confident in his craft. Knowledge is power and he has a long list of satisfied customers most that are repeats. John is consistently giving advice and trying to help clients in their bodybuilding or fitness modeling goals. I believe in his work and craft one hundred percent and would recommend him to anyone that is serious about fitness or bodybuilding.

As far as my diet and training goes I use my trainers Accelerated DTS Training & Nutrition. His diet is consistently rotating carbs and proteins depending on what body parts you are working out that day. What that says is that the diet and nutrition work together in contention with each other to help you get max benefits and results in the gym. The training is always different to keep the body fresh and hitting the muscles from each angle to tear old muscle fibers and build new ones. Everyone is different but here is how my training and diet goes throughout the week for the most part.


Monday: High day: LISS Cardio Am/Pm Back/Light Biceps

Tuesday: Moderate day: LISS Cardio Am/PM Chest/Light Triceps/Calves

Wednesday: Low Day: HIIT Cardio/Abs

Thursday: High Day: Quad/Hamstrings/LISS Cardio post workout

Friday: Moderate Day: Shoulders/Rear Delts

Saturday: Moderate Day: LISS Cardio Am/Biceps/Triceps

Sunday: Low Day: Cardio/Abs/Or Rest if needed



I’m constantly trying to achieve the best physique I can and to keep my goals in mind. I love competing and bodybuilding but I want to explore more aspects of the business and potentially make a career out of either marketing myself or something of that nature. John contacting me is the start of very good things in this department and with the support of my family, girlfriend, and trainer I don’t think failure is anywhere in site.




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