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Birthdate: June, 1989
Height: 6 5  Weight: 210
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Hi, my name is Huey Land. I currently live in Amherst, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. I graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.  My hobbies include playing sports and lifting, and helping my clients using AdvoCare. I currently work as a programmer as well as a SkyPerformance Coach at Sky Zone Buffalo indoor trampoline park.

All the way up until high school I was considered a toothpick; all skin and bones. I was 14 when I first started lifting when my dad bought me a weight set for my birthday. Throughout my high school years I developed some muscle tone and gained a little size but I still was considered the skinny kid with tone. In college I hit the weights a little more but still struggled with the increasing size. My goal has always been to increase my size, but being 6’5” and fluctuating between 193 lbs. to 200 lbs. I’m still considered skinny. I’ve tried countless products, but nothing could ever help me gain size and strength without potentially causing long term damaging effects. Then I found AdvoCare.

In January 2013 I started AdvoCare, a company that sells world class nutrition and performance products. AdvoCare was introduced to me by my manager at Sky Zone. The results were immediate. My colleagues and friends noticed a size increase and I noticed a big increase in strength within two weeks of using the products. In 5 months of using AdvoCare and cleaning up my diet, I gained 10 pounds, 193lbs to 203lbs, and dropped from 14% to 7.3% body fat. Currently, 9 months later, I am 210lbs and 6% body fat. In the first month my bench max went up 90 lbs. to 360 lbs., and my squat max is back to 405 lbs. I’ve added 3 in. to my arms, 2 in. to my chest, and 2 in. to my legs. I am stronger more fit and healthier diet wise than I’ve ever been.

After becoming so involved with lifting and living a healthy lifestyle, I started to look into what I would take to compete in physique and bodybuilding competitions, and possibly fitness modeling. Shortly after, John of contacted me through one of my instagram pictures about doing a fitness modeling photo shoot. I emailed him and to get more details and called him and talked to him directly on the phone. He sold me on doing the photo shoot.

I was a little nervous at first to meet John because I had no idea what I was doing. I just got into serious lifting and training, and I’ve never competed. After meeting with John and talking to him, my nerves were put to ease. He was very easy to work with, coached me with all the poses, and was very professional, He made the 7 hours of shooting enjoyable. He is a master at his craft.



Typical Daily Eating Routine

Breakfast: 3-4 whole eggs or 1 cup of rolled or steel cut oaks

Mid-Morning Snack: veggies and or fruit along with almonds or cashews

Lunch: protein with veggies

Mid-Afternoon Snack: veggies and or fruit along with almonds or cashews

Dinner: protein with veggies and quinoa

After Dinner Snack: veggies and or fruit along with almonds or cashews

Along with my eating routine I take the MNS Max 3 AdvoCare supplements to get my daily nutrition that may not be able to acquire through my diet.



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