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Birthdate: September, 1980
Height: 5 7 Weight: 155

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My name is Ryan Fricker and I'm 23 years old. I have currently been living in Waco, Texas for about 3 years now. It's ok living here I guess. Waco is a small, peaceful town with not a whole lot to do, but you find things to do eventually. I have always been interested in modeling and acting. It's always been a dream for me to be on the big screen or in fashion photos.

I graduated high school at Seminole High in Sanford, Florida where I lived there for most of my life. Well, I actually lived in the city of Lake Mary, which is just outside of Orlando. Shortly after graduation; I moved to Waco, Texas to live with my father where I would start my journey into college at McLennan Community College. I only completed a semester before accepting a career long opportunity with Powers' Embroidery and Chenille, which is one of the largest operating companies in the nation. I enjoy working at Powers very much. The work can be challenging and fun, and the people I work with are very nice too.

As I grew up, I got involved in many different sports like baseball, soccer, football, gymnastics, hockey, tennis, and golf, and I enjoyed playing all of them. I exercised often and lifted weights when I could. It wasn't until about two years ago that I started taking weightlifting a bit more seriously. For the first time I had gotten a membership at the gym, and I've been a member there ever since. With the occasional break; I enjoy lifting weights very much. I usually lift 5-6 days a week anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on how I feel. I work on all the major muscle groups once a week. I never really do the same routine. I like to change it up all the time. I have also started to do a bit of cardio everyday since I have been preparing for this photo shoot. I try to mix it up doing wind sprints one day and fast pace walking on the treadmill another day. I have learned so much over the year from my peers and personal experiments. I also try to learn different theories that people share in books and magazines.

When I'm not training I enjoy fixing up my car and seeing other custom rides. I try to go to the car shows whenever I can. I'm also a tremendous movie person. I love watching movies over and over again. Maybe that's why I want to be in the movies myself. Another thing I love to do fairly often is eat. When I'm not dieting, I eat anything I can get my hands on, especially fast food. My two favorite places to go to are Jack in the Box and Wendy's.

For so long I have wanted to get myself out there in the industry for people to see me so I could see what I'm made of. Well, one day I decided to put some pictures of myself on the internet just for fun. The pictures were put on a website that basically allows everyone else to rate you on how you look. It wasn't long before I received an email from a professional photographer by the name of John Mitchell, who wanted to take shots of me for his website. So I have been training for the last 8 months for my very first professional photo shoot which will take place in June. We're already planning on a second shoot two months later.

For the last 8 months I have only talked to John either on the computer or on the phone. We talk pretty often so I can let him know how I'm doing. Throughout our conversations I must say that John is very professional and he has certainly looked out for me. Not only is John Mitchell my photographer, but he is my friend, and I look forward to meeting him and doing the shoot. I will meet him for the first time in June.

Well, after 8 long months of planning and training, June 26 finally came around for John and me to proceed in doing the shoot. It was a very exciting weekend altogether. John and I completed a 2-day shoot and I also had the pleasure of meeting some new people during the process. John was very professional and easy to work with. I felt very comfortable working with him and he always helped to position me for every shot taken. I think we both got along great and shared many laughs throughout the way. I would definitely work with John again in the future and recommend him to anyone else who wants to get photographed. There is talk about a second shoot this coming August, but we'll see what happens.

John Mitchell and I completed another planned shoot during the weekend of August 28th/29th. The main goal of this shoot was to get some shots off in the waterfalls. We also took some shots at a nearby baseball field. I again had a blast and met two more spectacular models. The four of us together had a great time and shared a lot of laughs.

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