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Birthdate: June, 1990
Height: 5 9  Weight: 170

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I am currently in the army national guard for the past 7 years. I enlisted when I was 17 years old. I have been deployed twice to Afghanistan back to back and was a part of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) from 2011-2013. I returned home from my second deployment November 23rd 2013. Upon my return I enrolled into college and am currently attending the University of North Georgia to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. I want to become a certified trainer and open my own gym after obtaining my degree.

As far as my gym life is concerned I lifted a little in high school and fell out of it after I graduated then started hitting the weights again on my first deployment in 2011. It’s incredible to see the results from when I first started lifting to now. When I first started back at the gym I was only 135 pounds and could barely max out on bench with 225 pounds. Now sitting steady and weighing 170 pounds at 4% body fat my bench max is at 345. That just being an example of the progress I have made over the years. Which is something I tell everyone I encounter who ask me how I got to where I am? It is about consistency and staying with your goals. Bodies are not made over night they are molded over time. Be patient and stay motivated and you can achieve any level of fitness if you keep your mind focused. My diet hasn’t always been the way it is now either. I have always had a high metabolism so I never really dieted. I ate what I wanted and exercised and didn’t think much of it. What did I care because I stayed lean and exercised regularly? I have learned the error of my ways and realized the immense benefits of eating right. I started a pretty consistent diet not too long ago and have seen a good bit of difference and felt better on a day to day basis.

For breakfast I eat oatmeal, fruit, and usually some wheat bread. For snacks I bounce back and forth between apples, block cheese, and mixed vegetables for example carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers. For lunch I have an on week and an off week. For my on week I eat 1lb of chicken breast tenderloins boiled and seasoned. I also rotate my carb intake as well with my chicken three days on three days off so three days on I eat chicken pasta, and three days off I eat my plain chicken. On my off week or my "red meat" week I cut my chicken in half and supplement that with red meat, usually steak (my favorite). I stay close to my beef products when I eat red meat, no pork. I eat other snack in-between meals then for dinner I have some kind of fish. I mostly eat tuna fish in vegetable oil, but I like to throw some tilapia in the mix with some potatoes (whole or cut) sweet and regular. Lastly for my late night snack I finish my day with some good old hummus and pita bread or chips. All of this washed down with 1 1/2 - 2 gallons of water throughout the day, orange juice/apple juice in the morning, and milk in the evenings.

Now to the real reason I am writing all of this. I did my first photo shoot with John of 4th of July weekend. From this one photo shoot I have learned more about bodybuilding and where I need to be for competing than I have over the past few years. It was truly a great experience. John worked closely with me throughout the photo shoot and taught me posing and techniques that will help me in the future when I start competing. I want to personally thank John of for this opportunity and hope that my future will reflect what I have learned.





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