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Birthdate: July, 1987
Height: 5 6  Weight: 175, 170 to 185

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My name is Dennis Galan; I am a NESTA certified functional training specialist, IMPACT training coach and online trainer. Currently with physique apparel and distributor for Magnum Nutraceuticals. I first got into lifting and the fitness industry in general while finishing high school (it was a small Christian school an didn't have a gym) during a fishing trip in which a 40 lb. fish wore 160lb me out after that I decided it was gym time . After 5 years of lifting, in which I saw amazing progress,  I finally did a bodybuilding show an got 2nd place in my second show which was NPC I got 4th.I tried physique in November 2014 and now I am currently a national qualified physique competitor. I have decided to try WBFF muscle model as it is like a cross of bodybuilding and physique also to compete in strength athletics I.e. strongman and powerlifting. I train using my own hybrid method and being a natural lifter I find this the best way to achieve gains in strength, size and performance by changing the routine to fit the goal but keeping the base movements the same. 

Some lifting stats: 

deadlift- 365 x 3/ squat - 405 x 1/ bench - 325 x 2/ incline - 275 x 4/ OH -235 x 2/ DB snatch - 105 x 2

I enjoyed working with John of He has a very positive attitude and always pushes you especially on the first day, to get as much work done as possible. He is open to try fresh/new shooting ideas to display an individual’s personality and their fitness level. I would definitely recommend, especially if you are a 1st timer, to shoot with John as he can use the natural settings to display you quite nicely.




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