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Birthdate: May, 1984
Height: 5 6 Weight: 165

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My name is Alex Gefter. I am a sophomore in Bergen Community College where I will receive my associate's degree in science. School has always been an important aspect of my life, but although it has not always been the most enjoyable, I have tried to make it worthwhile. I am very determined on getting a good education so I can proceed to the next part of my life. I am most likely heading toward the medical field of physical therapy or maybe nursing. I have always been very fascinated with the healing process and rehabilitation. I think that working-out is the best way to heal the mind, body and soul. I have always been involved in physical active lifestyle for as long as I can remember. As a youth, I was always involved in some form of physical activity. I was very involved in the sport of Gymnastics and Swimming for over 10 years. I was taught early on that you must have the whole package of mind and body.

In High School, I was on the wrestling team for one year, and on the side, I indulged my self with hokey, football, skating, biking and in resent years, I took up the sport of snow boarding in witch I became pretty good in recent years. I am a very social and outgoing person that loves to have fun and have a good time as much as I possibly can. I enjoy going to clubs lounges and social gatherings where I can meet new and interesting people. I also love the outdoors and so I go camping on a regular basis with my friends.

The type of music that I enjoy is a very wide ranging from house, techno, alternative, pop, jazz and rap. I am also very close to all of my friends and could not imagine spending a lot of time from any of them. I am very easy going and love to laugh and make people laugh along with me because face it, a life with ought happiness is not a very fun one. I am originally from Ukraine so I love Russian food. I also love Sushi, Italian, Chinese and Mexican foods. I love to watch TV but in resent years, I have not really had the time to do so. Some of my favorite shows have been Nip/Tuck, Sex in the City. Rescue me, and I especially love science fiction and horror movies. I started working out my junior year in High School and I have been doing steadily over these past few years. I have always liked how the human form may be manipulated and expanded upon. All this just to fit into what society today construes as a physically fit or better yet a body builders likeness I will always try to improve on my self physically because there is no such thing as perfect but I am sure that with hard work and dedication I can get closer to that goal.

My experience with John was a very enjoyable and valuable one in my opinion. It took him a quite a while to finally get me to get in touch with him but his persistence paid off in the end. He is a very nice and friendly individual who seems to really enjoy the work that he does and it shows in how he caries him self as a photographer. He was very friendly when we finally met each other and was very passionate on doing the photoshoot. I have never done anything like this but he was very patient and understanding in what we had to accomplish. At the end of the day, I was very happy with the work that we did together and I would personally recommend him to other people. It was a pleasure to work with someone of this character and professionalism and I hope that we can do this again sometime in the near future.

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