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Birthdate: September, 1994
Height: 5 9  Weight: 185

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   My name is Garrett Horsmon.   I have been involved with fitness in some form for as long as I can remember.   The area that first spiked my interest in a specific fitness direction was Martial Arts.  I loved watching Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li movies as a kid, so I fell in love with Martial Arts at a young age.    I started working out at the age of twelve by running and doing body weight exercises that I had seen on the movies.   I started training in actual Martial Arts by seventh grade. 


  Upon entering high school, I joined the wrestling team.  Wrestling became my passion throughout high school, but I couldn’t seem to go through a season without illness or injury.  During my sophomore year of high school, I was unable to wrestle due to a torn ACL from the previous football season.  After a year of rehabilitation on my knee, I was back to wrestling in my junior year.  I worked hard and qualified for State with a ranking in the top 5.   Day 1 of the Montana State Wrestling Tournament was spent by suffering from a very nasty virus and coughing up blood (probably due to cutting 20 pounds in a week to make my weight class).   I gave it my all, but I did not wrestle to my potential and collapsed after my second match. 


  I worked hard during the off-season, and I was ready to accomplish my goal of taking State the following year.  Then came my senior year; this was to be my year to take it all, with no mistakes.  At the divisional wrestling meet, again with a ranking in the top 5 in the State, I blew out the same knee that I destroyed as a sophomore.  Here I was facing another knee surgery along with a lengthy and painful rehabilitation period.   I just couldn’t believe it.  I had put everything into this sport and, again, something out of my control ruined my season and left me short of my goal.  So, what did I do right after rehabbing my knee for the second time?  I went right back into the gym, and busted my ass towards new goals that I had set for myself.  


 It was during this time that I decided I wanted to become a personal trainer.  Toward the end of my second round of physical therapy and strenuous rehabilitation, I decided to get my personal training certification through ISSA.  Upon graduating from high school, I moved to Mankato, MN. Personal training certification in hand, I hoped to get my foot into the door of a reputable gym and work my way up to a personal trainer position.

 In Mankato, I was able to renew my interest in Martial Arts and work towards getting in the cage for my first MMA fight.  I began training about four to six hours a day for months, in preparation for this first fight.  Finally, I was three weeks out from my fight and was feeling great. There was no way this guy was going to beat me.  During practice (at my second workout of the day), I began wrestling with my sparring partner.  In the middle of practice, my partner tripped up my leg and, landing in an awkward position, I heard a loud pop come from the middle of my knee. This time, I blew out my other knee!   Yet again, I was facing another ACL surgery and long rehabilitation period. Yet, another goal that was so close was not to be reached.

  The rehab period for my third knee surgery was a grueling seven months.  I spent extensive time in a newly opened gym, where my dedication was noticed by the owner.  When he brought in an experienced trainer to conduct interviews for personal trainers, the owner told him to take a look at me.  I was interviewed and the guy offered me the job on the spot.  


  At the gym, many of the guys that worked out there were bodybuilders and many of them encouraged me to do a show.  At this point, I didn’t know anything about competitive bodybuilding, but I did have the ripped-up body for it.  I decided to give competitive bodybuilding a shot.  I developed my body and dieted for two months before stepping on stage.  That is all it took.   I was hooked for life.  The experience I had at the show was surreal.  From then on, I have told myself I will become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and I will work harder, longer and smarter than anyone else.

  One year after my first show -- having put on forty more pounds of muscle -- a photographer named John from messaged me and asked if I would be interested in doing a photo shoot.  I sent him a message saying I would be interested and asking him for some more information.   As we talked on the phone that night, he threw out the idea of doing the shoot in Los Angeles.  I thought to myself, “That’s where Muscle Beach and T-H-E Gold’s Gym is!”   I told him I would love to go to LA for a photo shoot.  I started preparing and recruited one of my fellow bodybuilder buddies to do the shoot with me.  We flew out to California and spent three days getting some great shots in.  We were also able to work out at Muscle Beach and Gold’s Gym, and saw some big-name bodybuilders.  John from, aka “the Captain,” was really great to work with and made sure we had enough time to get in a lot of shots, despite the rainy weather.   I definitely would recommend John for any fitness athlete/bodybuilder interested in doing a photo shoot for pre- or post-contest shots -- or just wanting to get into fitness modeling.  He is very personable and is a great photographer to work with.

  I have been a personal trainer now for over two years and have worked with individuals with a wide range of fitness goals.  Whether their goal is to build muscle, tone up, lose fat, or simply feel better, I’ve been able to develop a plan that has met their unique needs.  I love helping my clients reach their goals and enrich their lives through nutrition and fitness. 


  After my photo shoot with John, I developed a three month prep plan for fitness athletes/ bodybuilders. This plan is available for both males and females who are interested in doing a professional photo shoot.  If you are looking for a dedicated personal trainer to work with, online fitness services, or my three month prep plan, please get in touch with me (see contact info below) and we can start working on attaining your fitness goals together!




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