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   Birthdate: November, 1988
Height: 6 2  Weight: 182, 179 to 195
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Story/Personal Bio:


     In 2011, Alan Lazaros graduated from WPI as an Electrical & Computer Engineer. By 2013, he'd already started his first company; earned a graduate degree in Marketing & Technological Innovation, and quickly created success for himself in Corporate America. Buried in a mountain of debt; and eager to reclaim his financial freedom, he quickly worked his way from Engineering, to Marketing; to Global Product Management, and eventually into Technical Sales for several different corporations. Alan is grateful to have become a 1% earner by age 24, and to have paid off over $80,000 worth of college debt in a single calendar year.

     For the past several years; however, Alan has brought his education, experience and expertise to the next level through his own company, Alan Lazaros LLC, which is an educational brand focused on the power of learning, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, holistic health and NATURAL fitness. He competes at the highest level as a natural fitness athlete; serves as a personal trainer and coach to several self-made millionaires, and travels to high schools and colleges all across the nation to inspire, motivate and educate the world’s youth on how to create the body, mind and life of their dreams.

     From a once unhealthy, 160lb skinny-fat workaholic who took his health for granted by drinking too much and too often, Alan Lazaros comes to you now forever transformed. Weighing in at 185 lbs, sub-10% body fat, Alan is a force to be reckoned with. He is a content creation monster on social media, co-host of The Hyper Conscious Podcast, and has created a carefully curated system of success called the #NaturallyFit4Life Online Training Program that takes its members to the body of their dreams by rewiring how they think and behave about fitness.

     Having used this same blueprint to transform his own mind and body beyond his wildest dreams, Alan assures us that this is the solution to all of your health and fitness challenges. He sincerely promises to all of his audiences, clients, social media followers and online training members that the difference maker is in their mindset and daily habits. He knows that if he can do it, anyone can, and he’s here to show us how!

Competition History:


  • WNBF - Natural Men’s Physique 2016 - Novice - 5th Place
  • WNBF - Natural Men’s Physique 2017 - Novice - 1st Place
  • WNBF - Natural Men’s Physique 2018 - Amateur - 4th Place


Training Philosophy:

     I am a firm believer that training is only one of the fundamental pillars of natural fitness. That said; however, it’s obviously a critical pillar, and needs to be leveraged to the fullest. As for my philosophy around training, I believe that the body’s adaptation process is only stimulated when you DEMAND more and more of it, and there are many different factors to consider.

     For example, any given workout can have a specific intensity, density, volume etc. etc. Without going too in depth; and keep in mind that my training is ALWAYS 100% customized to my specific target goal and nutrition plan; but basically, in one way or another, I am always trying to become overall more capable in each workout.

     As for my splits, I do push, pull, legs, and then I rinse and repeat that process. I take no days off, which most people find strange. Why? Because I believe that the human body is capable of far more than any of us can possibly fathom, and I also think that most athletes who think they’re overtraining, are actually just under-leveraging the other necessary health habits to sustain long-term peak performance.


Push - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps.

Pull - Back, Biceps & Traps.

Legs - Quads, Hamstrings & Calves.


Nutrition Philosophy:

     I am a firm believer in flexible dieting. In other words, fitness is a lifestyle, not a diet, and the only way to sustain peak performance in the long-term in my opinion is to implement a specific SYSTEM that builds in flexibility for when the proper resources aren’t always available.

     So, what do I mean by that? Basically, I have a daily caloric intake and macronutrient requirement at all times that is bringing me closer to my most important fitness goal. And that specific fitness goal is always an incremental goal in alignment with my long-term dream mind, health and overall physique.

     As you might expect, I do a series of bulks and cuts like most athletes, but what makes me different is that I’m almost always focused on the long-term; and therefore, I try to spend most of my year in a muscle building phase. That said, my philosophy is very simple. I choose a 3 to 6-month goals of either muscle gain or fat loss, and then I reverse engineer the finish line to create a daily “system of success” regarding my caloric and macro-nutritional requirements.

     As for staying on track, I’m the world’s biggest believer in tracking. I track my calories, macronutrients and the scale each and every day. I also leverage daily progress pictures to ensure that progress is being made, and that I can notice it in an unbiased way. As for muscle building or fat loss, my goal is always to ensure that the scale is moving in the “right direction”, and at the “right rate” based on my specific physique and metabolic set point. As soon as the scale stops progressing as it should, that’s when I adjust my training and diet accordingly, but until then, I change nothing.


Working with John:


     Working with John has honestly been amazing. I’ve been a Natural Fitness Model for several years now, and I’ve worked with many photographers. What sets John apart is his ability to make your physique look amazing. Photography is a craft that takes years, even decades to master, and at our last shoot, I felt like my conditioning wasn’t quite on point. That said, however, John pulled through and we were able to get some unbelievable shots. Some of these photos literally blew my mind. No exaggeration. Why? Because my physique has never looked better in a photograph, and I know now that if it wasn’t for the thousands of hours that John has poured into perfecting his craft, and his willingness to coach and pose the hell out of me, that wouldn’t have been possible.




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