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Birthdate: September, 1983
Height: 5 7  Weight: 190 to 205
Chest: 46 1/2  Arms: 17 Waist: 33
Quads: 24 1/2  Calves: 16

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My name is Nathan Hater and I am currently in college in eastern Kentucky. In two years I will earn a degree in Physical Fitness and Wellness and a Pre Physical Therapy degree also. I will finish up my PT degree at the University of Kentucky with another 2 1/2 years. I am also in the process of earning my personal training certificate and have opportunities waiting for me once I earn it. The only hard part about taking extra classes for PT is that UK such a good program that I must earn a GPA of a 3.4 or higher. I currently have a 3.25 so I have to keep my head in school and bust my butt to get it higher. I am interested in PT very much because I have been a patient so many times with the injuries I had over the years. I just hope I can make it through school. School is not my favorite thing to do but in order to get a good job anymore, a degree is needed. I have been struggling with all the work or projects from summer school and I am getting a little burnt out. I am the only person in my family stay in college after high school and that makes me more determined to stay in school.

I am from a small city in Northern Kentucky about south of Cincinnati, Ohio. I don't think it even has a gas station. My family and I have lived there my whole life but my parents were there for 4 years before I was born. It is a very nice and quiet place with no one around. There is a creek that I and my brother use to go fishing and swimming in and some woods that he goes hunting in. It is beginning to grow up now due to a golf course that was put in a couple of years ago. I spent a lot of my time outdoors and playing sports when I was younger. We would always play baseball and football in our front field with friends. We also had some dirt bikes that we would ride and do crazy things on and always get hurt on. I played baseball all the way up to high school which is where I got burnt out on it. Football was my biggest love and I played all through high school and two years at EKU before hanging up the cleats due to too many injuries. I could never stay healthy when I got to college. I also ran track in high school and would love to do that at EKU but that would require me to lose weight and I hate that. After I took a semester off from sports all together at EKU, my girlfriend convinced me to try cheerleading. I did, and it was a lot more fun than I had thought. It also was a lot harder than it seems. I had a good time cheerleading because our basketball teams were both really good and we all got to go to Indianapolis and Fresno, California to cheer.

If I'm not in school or at work, more than likely you will find me at the gym on campus. My goal in the weight room now is very simple. Lift heavy and get as big as I can naturally. Since I don't have to train for sports anymore , I do high volume training to increase size and strength. I am 5'7 or 5'8 depends on who wants to know and I weigh 190. Before I took these pictures I was up to 205 lb but John told me better not bigger. That is John's trademark quote. I guess I could be bigger and stronger but I am still learning how to eat and train correctly to put on as much mass as possible. I usually train 4-5 days a week with 4-6 exercises per body part and a total of 10-20 sets per body part. I normally don't do cardio because of my fast metabolism anyway but I did 30 minutes 5 days a week to get ready for John. My diet before John called me was to eat as much food as possible just to gain weight. Now I eat 6-8 meals a day every 2-3 hours. The foods that make up most of my diet are egg whites, chicken, steak, lean ground beef, turkey, fish, protein shakes from Beverly Int., brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat breads and pasta, oat meal, bananas, green vegetables and some other food that I cant think of right now.

I have only done two other photo shoots before but they were with the same photographer. Both shoots were a good experience and wanted to do others. When John called me I was very excited but still a little nervous. After I talked to John a couple of times on the phone I decided to go ahead and shoot with him because he was very passionate about photography and took it very serious. He is a nice and trust worthy guy and he really enjoys working with people. He gave me the encouragement that I needed to get on my diet (better not bigger) and work hard to get ready for him. I'll admit Should have been a lot better shape but I was very busy in the summer. I showed John some past pictures and he told me what I needed to work on and make better. He does criticize you but its positive criticism and everyone needs it. the shoot with John was really fun and exhausting. The two days that we took pictures were harder than a football practice. We shot for 6-7 hours and by the end of the day I was ready for bed. It was hard but fun at the same time. John was terrific and knows what we needed while we were shooting. He brought whatever food and drinks you want and would let you rest if you needed. John is a good person and great photographer and I hope I can shoot again with him in the future.

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