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Birthdate: May, 1977
Height: 6  Weight: 175 to 195

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Business website:


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Hi, thanks for checking out my page on BBPICS! My name is Mike Adams, I reside in Cleveland Ohio. I currently own 3 businesses that I operate out of my 4,000 square foot warehouse in North Royalton Ohio. My warehouse is home to the MAF Gators. The Gators are a group of youth baseball teams coached and trained by my brother John Adams and me. We have batting cages, a pitching/infield tunnel and a workout area. The Gators practice year round and travel in the spring and summer playing the highest competitive baseball. I know a lot of my players have found my profile here on BBPICS and make fun of my modeling pictures. Teenagers! What's up Gators!

Another business I operate is called "Steel Stretch". I started this business with a partner in 2007. It has already been a huge success worldwide. We manufacture/supply/wholesale and retail Steel Stretch Sports Performance Apparel to Organizations, Teams, Stores, and Companies all over the world. We specialize in tight fitting seamless compression apparel for all sports and activities. The question I get asked most by people is "Is it like Under Armour"?  The answer is both yes and no. Steel Stretch does have a tight compression sporty fit like Under Armour, however there are many differences. When you try on Steel Stretch you will feel the difference.
Steel Stretch is seamless with antimicrobial protection in our soft blend of nylon/polyester/spandex material that many people believe is a more comfortable and a better fit than Under Armour. Please do not take my word for it, visit and see what other Bodybuilders and Fitness Models are saying about Steel Stretch. Email me personally and ask about specials for being a member of BBPICS.

The third business I run is my "Stretch Band" business. I make my own line of continuously looped oversized rubber bands that people of all sports and recreation can use for stretching, working out and running. I distribute my stretch bands all over the United States mainly to Organizations with Sports Teams. I currently have over 100 colleges and professional teams using my line of stretch bands. I have a 30 minute instructional DVD on how to use the bands. This venture is done out of my warehouse and at

I grew up in Lakewood Ohio with just my older brother John and my Mom Marsha. We did not have much, money was scarce, and we walked to and from school everyday rain, shine or blizzard. I got my first job when I was 8 years old delivering The Plain Dealer Newspapers and kept it until I was 14. The reason I lost this job is because they made a rule that one had to be 18 years of age to this job. This was a 365 day a year job. My brother and I would get up every morning at 3:30 am to get every customer their paper before they left for work. There was no internet back then so it was very important. I love making a difference in the world and contributing to society. I am very hard on myself, well disciplined and crave that feeling of success. When I was in 4th grade, another student threw a piece of gum that landed in my long beautiful blonde hair. My teacher Ms. Lewicky and the Principal were trying to figure out what to do. While they were talking, I grabbed a pair of scissors from the Principal's desk and proceeded to cut my hair off. Probably not what my Mom, Teacher and Principal had in mind, but for me it was the most practical solution. I do not stress over spilled milk, I simply clean it up and move on to the next challenge or obstacle. I ran into Ms. Lewicky when I was an adult and she remembered the gum incident and tells her students about it every year. She would say how my actions
showed what character I had and that was a foreshadow of what I was to become.

I love to surround myself with people that persevere and want to constantly better themselves. There are no better stories in the world than those of people accomplishing great goals when the odds are against them. I played baseball in High School and really wanted to play in College. It was either join The Marines or go to College. I chose College Baseball, but it was not that easy. I had to try out for a team that had 7 kids with Division 1 scholarships that they had to turn down because they did not have good enough grades to get into the schools. So there they were at Cuyahoga Community College in Parma Ohio. I take my 5'11'' 130 pound frame and give it everything I had. Final cut day came and The Coach addresses the team as "The Team". We all clap and I am so proud of myself for making the team. We start warming up, I am on cloud 9 and Coach realizes I am still out there with the team. He takes me aside and says "I am sorry; I forgot to cut you yesterday. You have got talent but you are a boy among men here and you must go". It was then I decided to start working out. I lived at the gym from that day on. I fell in love with exercise and would later in life accomplish so many things because of it. I still had my dream of playing College Baseball and was determined to do it. I came back to try out the following year with a 6'0'' 170 pound frame. Final cut day came again and I was still there. Coach calls me over to talk in private. My initial thought was, "here we go again". So many things were running through my head at that moment. I should have joined The Marines, now what am I going to do? Coach looks at me and says "You have done such a great job proving yourself out here that I am cutting one of my scholarship players and giving you his scholarship because you outworked him". Life got so much easier after that, I realized I could do anything I wanted. I truly believe I owe that to what I learned and did from exercise. Exercise gave me confidence, a great body and helped me believe in myself. I have accomplished so many things in my life to this point, but that was my first as a man and my most memorable.

What can I say about Johnny Mitch? Well, we have now known each other for 6 years and I have worked with him 3 times; twice in Connecticut and once in my hometown Cleveland Ohio. Over the past 7 years I have modeled fitness for many photographers and Johnny Mitch is one of my favorites. He has always taken good care of me and shows courtesy and professionalism at all times. If every photographer in this industry was like Johnny Mitch, photographers would not have a bad name. Thanks for everything Johnny Mitch and we will
always be friends. Johnny Mitch Rocks!.

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