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birthdate: august, 1984
height: 5 7 weight: 144

Hi my name is Bryan Rego, I am 21 years old from Fall River, MA. I am currently a full time student at Bristol Community College majoring in Business Information Systems and transferring to Umass Dartmouth next fall. I also work full time at Lightolier in the manufacturing department. I started to become more serious about weight training at age of 17. I was always very thin weighing 115 pounds throughout high school and decided to get into weight lifting, in these 4 years of training I maintained to put on 28 pounds weighing 143 pounds, my goal is to be at 155.

Here is the break down of my workout schedule. Monday I will do Chest and Triceps, 4 to 5 workouts each. Tuesday I will do Back and Biceps, Wednesday's I take off, then on Thursday I will do Shoulders and Triceps, then on Friday I will just do Biceps and a lot of abs. After each workout I will do at least 3 abdominal workouts. On the weekend I try to concentrate on my Legs by doing squats and many leg extensions, and also a half hour of cardio. I get more serious about my workout schedule during the end of the winter because summer is on its way.


 - Nightlife in Providence with friends
 - Spending time with my girlfriend Leslie
 - Playing soccer and hockey.

John is a very professional and entertaining photographer with a great personality. I felt very comfortable during my first photoshoot. John is the first photographer that I have ever worked with. I am glad I had the opportunity to work with John last Saturday. I would highly recommend John to anyone that is looking into have a portfolio done. John, Thank you for your time, it was a pleasure working with you.

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