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Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Aspiring Actor

I have been bodybuilding for some 18 years and seriously competing in contests for 16 years. I started competing in local contests and have progressed to various regional and national level shows such as the Junior Nationals, Jr. USA. I plan on competing in a few national level shows this upcoming year.

I just finished a photo shoot with John (BBPICS) for some updated off season bodybuilding and fitness/lifestyle modeling shots. Hope to do another session with him toward contest time again. Watch the change in my physique !

I train 4x a week. Day 1 consists of chest and triceps, Day 2 back and biceps, Day 3 shoulders and traps and Day 4 legs. I do abs 3x a week. For cardio I do fast walking, kickboxing and grappling.

For chest I do incline and flat bench presses, dips, alternate dumbbells and cable flies; for triceps I use cables, "skull" crushes; for back pull-ups, reverse rows, seated rows and lat pull-downs; for biceps dumbbell curls, e-z bar curls and isolated dumbbell curls; for shoulders I do behind neck presses, front presses, side lateral raises and rear delt/cable dumbbells; for traps I do cable pull ups and use the trap machine and finally for legs I do leg presses, leg lunges, squats and use the hamstring curl machine, seated calf press and donkey calf machine.

My ab workout consists of roman chair crunches, leg lifts and cable crunches. Currently alternating on a 2500 to 3000 caloric daily diet.

Besides bodybuilding my favorite hobbies include kickboxing, grabbling, kayaking, biking, Harley motorcycles, and raising world class championship bred pit bulls. Elvis and Lacey are my 2 favorites. Southern Rock, blues, rock and roll are some of the variety of music I relax to. Fan of Sci-fi movies, especially the NBC television series, The Pretender.

Looking for serious sponsors and modeling opportunities. I have done a magazine layout for Spaulding Baseball Dudley Softball bats and would like to further advance into other types of modeling avenues. Someday I hope to get into acting.

Always willing to share my vast bodybuilding knowledge/experience with young bodybuilders and seasoned veterans of the sport. So, say hello when you see me online. LETS TALK BODYBUILDING !

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