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Birthdate: November, 1977
Height: 6 1  Weight: 198 to 205
Chest: 48 1/4  Arms: 17  Waist: 32
Quads 23  Calves: 17

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I was born in Slovakia in November of 1977. After trying several different sports such as karate and volleyball I realized I was much stronger and bigger than other kids my age. When I was 13 yrs old I got some dumbbells and barbells from my friend and started to discover the secrets of bodybuilding. Shortly after my introduction with the world of fitness and bodybuilding I knew that it was the way I want to go and after a few months of working out I dropped all the other sports I was doing and deeply fell in love with bodybuilding.

I tried to get as many information about lifting and nutrition as possible. Old issues of Muscle and Fitness were the best source of information as well served for good motivation.

At the early age of 15 I started dreaming about becoming a famous bodybuilder and fitness model. I knew there was no better place for this dream than California. I knew I had to start to learn English as well as to very commit to hard workouts to achieve this goal.

After graduating high school I decided to study human nutrition at the Slovak Agricultural University. During my first semester I started to prepare for my first bodybuilding competition. After 3 months of hard training and dieting I got 2nd place as a natural bodybuilder in the junior division of the European Cup. I kept competing throughout the college and have won about 10 titles at national and international bodybuilding and fitness championships.

In 2000 I got to the opportunity to compete in the USA. During this first time competing in the states I placed in the top ten in the finals at the USA natural Championship in Atlantic City.

After I graduated from the college in 2001 I moved to Prague, Czech Republic and started working as a nutrition/fitness adviser for Men's Health magazine as well as shortly becoming a cover model for the magazine. That same year I started preparation for my second competition in USA, the Musclemania World which I received third place. It gave me lots of inspiration and after that show I definitely decided to come back and start working on my career living in the USA.

I moved to California in the summer of 2003. After couple of months I started working as a personal trainer at a small fitness studio in Orange County and slowly building my clientele. I also kept competing at different natural bodybuilding competitions and making networking contacts as a fitness model. After 3 years of living in the USA I become a well known personal trainer in my area with more than 30 clients. I have also won 8 different titles in natural bodybuilding contests and appeared various fitness magazines such as Men's Workout, Exercise and Health and Muscle and Fitness.

During my fitness career I have been approached and worked with various photographers. At one of my promotions at Venice - Muscle beach, I met John Mitchell who got enough courage to approach me and asked me to take various bodybuilding posing shots for him. After I received the pictures I was very surprised with the good quality. I also checked out his website and was impressed by the breath and quality of the individuals he had worked with over the years. I immediately recognized ten individuals on this site that I had known in this business displaying their portfolios on this site. We stayed in touch and after a few phone calls he arranged for me to come to Connecticut for a weekend photoshoot. After the weekend spent in his guest working with three other novice fitness models I do not regret my decision at all. He is not only very professional but also very helpful and a gracious host. He goes out of his way willing to help the young novice fitness model with good photography/networking advice to realize their goals in finding other legitimate people in this business. I wish there were more photographers willing to go out of their way and think the same way as John does. It was a good experience as well as lots of fun at the same time!

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