Gym Warriors

Gym Warriors in Peabody, Massachusetts is a hard core gym dedicated to people who are trying to better there life through bodybuilding, powerlifting, and fitness. At gym warriors we train people who are open minded and want to change there life.

We mostly work with bodybuilders who are not bodybuilders at first. Every day people who have been training for years or who have always wanted to get into bodybuilding. We also train many recruits getting ready to go into the military so that they will be physically and mentally ready for action. We are proud to say we have over 10 of our trainee's serving in the military now.

Our personal trainers have trained all over the world with other athletes in various countries so we bring a plethora of knowledge. Any one who is serious about training should get something out of gym warriors. Gym warriors the gym is a no holds barred old school hard core gym. The only thing different about warriors is we have brand new equipment, and an atmosphere that grows muscle. If you don't grow here you can't grow anywhere. Our average member gains 10-20 lbs of muscle while lifting at the gym. Don't believe us, look at the pictures. This gym has an atmosphere similar to Venice beach gold's gym -- it just makes you want to lift and not stop.

I have dedicated my life to helping people help themselves if you have the drive we have the knowledge. Best place I ever trained, and I never met so many good bodybuilders and powerlifters in one place. If you want to join or set up a diet, personal training session call 978 766 6280.

Gym Warrior Paul DeSimone


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