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The American Aerobic Association, Triple-A, is an international fitness organization committed to the development of the fitness enthusiast as well as the fitness professional through affordable, practical, accessible educational programs and competitive fitness events, offered in a friendly and supportive environment

Triple-A is an international organization that fosters and promotes a greater quality of life through total wellness. We use the term "wellness" instead of "fitness" because we believe the term fitness does not describe complete health, only physical health, one of the three "planes of health." To achieve overall total wellness, one must be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Many older people tend to be healthy in spirit, but perhaps less so in body and mind. Younger people are often healthy in body but not in spirit or mind. Triple-A fosters the belief that the triad of all three working in unison will help each of us to improve the quality of our lives.

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I want to thank Richard Right for introducing me to the Triple-A organization. It was certainly an interesting learning experience to watch the various competitors practice with founder and head instructor Christopher Riles during a December practice session. Thanks Christopher for all your advice and introducing me to Eric, Pam, Kristine and Jaime. Any other Triple-A sports aerobic competitors in New England interested to do a portfolio shoot with me contact me through my website.

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