Client Referrals

What past and current clients are saying about a BBPics.Com photo shoot. More feedback can be found on individual client sample websites.

"Got to hand it to you... you get an "A" for persistence! Glad we had the chance to do a great shoot. As an ex-model and bodybuilder, I have been with a lot of photographers, but few made me feel as comfortable or allow me to direct any of the action. Your collaborative style coupled with technical expertise is what sets you apart. There are so many fine shots it is hard to chose....thanks for making me look good!"

Randall Henry 

"Who would have guessed, you could take a hunky TX cowboy and make him look like an L.A. sports model? I have done some ads before, but your shots sell me more than any advertisements I've ever done. Thanks for showing me in my BEST light!"

Benjamin David 

"I had the opportunity to work with John in Los Angeles on a Saturday in July of 1999. Before we had even met I was very impressed with John's attention to details and frequency of contact making me at ease long before the day of the shoot. The photo shoot itself was a great pleasure for me. John was exceptionally professional and extremely flexible, having no preconceptions about how the shoot had to go. Again and again, he sought out my input and incorporated my ideas. After the shoot we had a long dinner together and I discovered that John was not just a talented photographer but a sincerely nice man who I now feel honored to count among my friends.

Upon returning home, John followed through on all his commitments and went beyond by scanning in several of the pictures for me and then several more after I had received copies. This past summer I have worked with four separate photographers and none of them surpass John in his professionalism, trustworthiness or sense or responsibility. I have no reservations at all in recommending John to you muscleheads out there. Enjoy!"


"Working with John was a very good experience. I felt comfortable the entire time. John was always professional and I am pleased with the results." 

"I had the pleasure of meeting John for a photo shoot in December, 1998. Whenever I speak to a new photographer, one of my foremost concerns is to learn about his integrity and reliability. I was pleased to find that John is a very trustworthy person who goes to great efforts to please the models with whom he works.

During our photo shoot, John was also willing to let me take control over a number of the shots, so that we could experiment with poses I thought might be interesting. I really appreciated his flexibility in this regard.

After the shoot, John was great with his follow-up. He sent me copies of the photos promptly and even scanned a large number of them for me. I've yet to meet any other photographer who would go to the same effort for his models. John is a great guy to work with, all around."

- Kurt Rosser

"Wanted to thank you again for taking the time to photograph me a few Sundays back. The pictures you took were great and I am more than satisfied with the results. You do very professional work. Thanks, too, for making me feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. I appreciate your patience. Look forward to another session with you this spring."

Your friend, Tom

"The photos arrived today. Thanks again -- you really do good work! I just browsed through them quickly -- will probably have time this weekend to look thru them more thoroughly. I definitely need to get leaner before we take pix again, but I think there is some potential for some hot shots :-)"

-- Jeff

"I enjoyed working with John. After talking with him for awhile and viewing some of his (excellent) photography I found myself feeling relaxed enough to have a lot of fun with the shoot. He did a good job of directing the shots and allowed me to experiment with some ideas that I wanted to try out.

I was very happy with the amount of good pictures that he sent me and my friends all agree on the quality of them. John was also very respectful of the amount of money that I had to spend and provided me with a satisfying portfolio at an excellent price."

-- Dave

"Just want to let you muscleheads out there on AOL and the net know that BBPICS (John) is a great photographer. You guys that just have only pic to show online, a back shot or a headless shot should contact him and do a shoot together. I felt very comfortable working with him. He is a true professional and I was pleasantly surprised how good the shots came out from my photo shoot."

-- Tim 

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