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Pamela Schenck

Age: 34 Ht. 5'8 Wt. 132
Dk. brown hair, Dk. brown eyes
Personal Email:
Occupation: Aerobics and Fitness Consultant, Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics coach

2001 Ms. Legacy Fitness International
2001 Ms. Fitness USA placed 17
2001 Ms. Fitness Northeast, Southeast, and Gulf Coast
2001 Triple-A Northeast SportAerobics Pair Champion
2000 Ms. Legacy Fitness International 4th place
2000 Triple-A SportAerobics International title for Individual Female 4th place
2000 Triple-A SportAerobics International title for Pairs 2nd place
2000 Triple-A Northeast SportAerobics Pair Champion
2000 Triple-A Gulf Coast SportAerobics Pair Champion
1999-2000 AAU National SportAerobics Champion

Hobbies: Coaching cheerleading and gymnastics, teaching dance

Interests: ballet, skiing, cooking, travel, sport aerobics


  • To become Ms. Fitness USA and be a positive fitness role model.
  • To be a spokes model for the promotion of youth and women's sport programs
    and physical fitness.
  • To have my own fitness/wellness column in a magazine and newspaper.
  • To develop and grow the New England Junior Sport Aerobics Team.

Here is a definition for sport aerobics:

Sport Aerobics is a performance sport that involves a 1 minute 45 second choreographed aerobic dance routines involving flexibility and strength movements similar to gymnastics and cheerleading set to music. Sport Aerobics shows an athlete's cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, speed and power through continuous movement.

How did you get involved with sports aerobics?

*I was watching ESPN one day and saw the NAC aerobics championships. I thought "Wow! I want to do this." I called the organization and found out information about rules and guidelines and how to begin competing. NAC has a training camp for participants interested in learning how to compete. So I registered and started learning about the sport and the skills and training necessary.

How do you train for it?

Training involves cardiovascular workouts, strength workouts, flexibility training, endurance training and gymnastics/sport specific element training. My cardio workouts are 45 minutes 5 times per week. Strength is a split workout 4 days per week. Flexibility training is every day.

What is your diet workout regimen?

I try to keep a good perspective on nutrition and stay balanced. A few weeks before a competition I will cut down on the amount of sugar, bread and carbohydrates I usually eat. I will add more protein and vegetables.

Besides sports aerobics what are some of your other hobbies/interests?

I enjoy ballet and all forms of dance, symphony, traveling and working with children.

Goals in life?

To live a happy and healthy balanced life-managing work, competing and family. I would like to continue to develop myself as a sport aerobics and Ms. Fitness competitor to even higher levels.

I want to continue to work with children in the area of fitness and teach them how to live happier lifestyles and continue to as they grow into adults. To have fun and enjoy life.

How was it to work with John Mitchell?

John Mitchell was very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. He is experienced and knows exactly what to do to get the best results from you. I enjoy working with him and will continue to for all my future needs.

Can you give me a good definition of "sports aerobics" and the various movements involved and how you are judged in competition?

(For this one it will be easier to look up for complete definition of the sport, judging criteria and specific moves) Let me know if you need more.


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